Start a Bible College

Open Christian University works closely with local Pastors, Christian leaders and local Churches. Pastors and Christian Leaders can begin their own ministry-based schools by registering with our Christian University and implementing our courses. With this form of schooling, pastors and Christian leaders can mentor their own leaders.

Colleges, Institutes, churches, NGOs and individuals wishing to operate Study Centers and Extension Campuses of Open Christian University in various parts of the world on mutual partnership basis are requested to apply online. The approved study centers will enroll students, conduct study exercises and hold examinations or assessment of students. The OCU will award the diploma based on their recommendations. The quality of the educational standards will be monitored by the university accreditation bodies and the Approved accredited centres membership will be granted to the successful candidate.

Licensing of campuses

The Open Christian University's International Partners (affiliated campuses and Bible Colleges) generally hold governmental licensing to operate and run the programs they offer, or are subject to statutory exemption in the various countries concerned. OCU may license whole programmes or stages of programmes, designed by OCU and often delivered online through the OCU's e-campus, to be delivered by a partner institution at their premises. Core modules will be as set out in the OCU programme specification for the programme, save that differences in curriculum content in core modules may be permitted to reflect cultural and regional differences as long as learning outcomes remain consistent. The partner institution may be permitted to develop a different set of optional modules, as long as they enable the programme learning outcomes to be met. Additional optional modules would need to be approved through the OCU approval procedures. OCU retains ultimate responsibility for updating programme content and programme content will be reviewed as part of the subject area’s Academic Review.

Models of Collaborations at OCU

OCU is involved in a range of collaborative relationships with other institutions. The following range of models defines the ways in which we can collaborate with other institutions:

1) Extension Campus: Extension campuses are immediate affiliates of the Open Christian University, established by churches, denominations, Bible colleges, mission agencies, Christian NGOs, and individuals contracted to teach OCU courses on their premises. They can either:

a) use OCU's study programs and syllabi for off-line education and administer examinations to students under the guidance of qualified invigilators, or

b) teach students offline at their premises and then send students to the Open Christian University website to take the exams online and receive a diploma.

2) Affiliate Institutions: Affiliated institutions are partner institutions using their own curricula and syllabi to teach students, but collaborating with OCU in at least one of the following areas:

a) Validation: OCU may accredit a programme developed by another institution as equivalent to an OCU award, or leading to the award of a specific number of credits. The partner institution has responsibility for updating programme content and programme content will be reviewed as part of the partner institution’s Collaborative Review;

b) Double award: A programme of study leading to the award of both an OCU qualification and that of a partner institution. Each institution shall be responsible for the issuing of the award certificate of that institution;

c) Articulation: an arrangement whereby programmes and modules delivered by a partner institution are formally recognised for the purposes of advanced standing towards an OCU award.

For details about starting or affiliating a Bible college, please refer to this Organizational Partner Manual.

To apply for Affiliation, use the button below to file your application. If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions, please email us through: